Wilson Lopes

Born in Pitangui, Wilson came to Belo Horizonte in the early ’70s. At 82, at the age of 15, made his first performance live instrumental in Humberto Mauro room at the Palace of Arts. He followed his career playing in pubs, concerts and recordings, with well known names such asTadeu Franco, Paulinho Pedra Azul, Tavinho Moura, Saulo Laranjeira, Tulio Mourao, Nivaldo Ornelas, Milton Nascimento and Lô Borges.

In the 90s , with Mauro Rodrigues, Lincoln Cheib and Ivan Correa, formed the Instrumental Group Edição Brasileira, and since 1993 is part of Milton Nascimento’s band, with whom recorded, in 1993, two songs on theCD Angelus “De um modo geral” e “Coisas de Minas”.

With Milton Nascimento, besides national tours, also participated in international tours in countries like the United States (Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, San Francisco, Saratoga, Boston, New York, Washington, Chicago, Interlochen and Pontiac), Canada (Montreal and Toronto) and Europe (Paris-France, Brussels-Belgium, Den Haag, Holland, Denmark, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Turkey, Nice, France, Italy, Florence, Bern – Switzerland, Milano-Italy-Spain Barcelona, Madrid, Spain, Alcaniz, Spain, London, England, Germany, Hamburg, Munich, Germany). He also participated in the recording of soundtracks for the films “O menino maluquinho” (Helvécio Ratton) and “Third Bank of the River” (Caca Diegues). Currently, besides integrating the band of Milton, develops his own work and released the CD “Stories of the day” in 2001, “Our hands – Tribute to the Clube da Esquina,” in partnership with Beto Lopes in 2006 and “Tempo maior” in 2007.