Thiago Delegado

Thiago Delegado is an acoustic guitarist, composer and arranger. Known as one of the most active and creative musicians in the contemporary scene of Minas Gerais, also stands out for its dedication, charisma and refined aesthetic sense. Follows the unique tradition of Brazilian music, but always attentive to everything that happens around the world, which gives his work a sound without barriers.

Musician of great talent, is also an artist restlessly in his career. Always in search of new sounds and challenges, solo recording debut in the award-winning CD “Serra do Curral”, in which he showed a work already mature, both as a composer and instrumentalist. The album features beautiful melodies, woodwind arrangements and base arrangements and was the winner of Marco Antônio Araújo’s award, as best instrumental album independently produced in 2010 in Minas Gerais.

In 2009 was awarded the National Announcement of Program Música Minas in the category “Revelation”. Won in 2011, the BDMG Instrumental, most important award of its kind in Minas Gerais. In the same year, went on a national tour sponsored by Vivo, integrating the Conexão Vivo Festival.

As a music producer, the musician has in his curriculum, as well as their first album, the recent work of singer-songwriter Vander Lee, “Sambarroco”, and “Flor Morena” of singer Aline Calixto as acoustic guitarist and musical director of both.

This year, shared the stage with the conductor Wagner Tiso on two occasions: at the Grande Teatro do Palácio das Artes by the program of the Conexão Vivo (in his second year as a musician selected) and at SESC Palladium, a special recording as a duo for Rede Minas.

Also in 2012, the young musician received, as part of the Festival Natura’s programming, two invitations of the greatest instrumentalists of our time: the mandolin player Hamilton de Holanda and the guitarist, Yamandu Costa.

The guitarist’s second album was recorded in a live show at the Museu de Arte da Pampulha (BH) in December 2011. Betting on an unusual formation, piano, bass and 7 string acoustic guitar, the album, about to be released, “Thiago Delegado Trio – Live at the Museu de Arte da Pampulha”, features a cameo by Toninho Horta. The tour to publicize this work is sponsored by Natura Musical.

The acoustic guitarist show is based in his last production. Exalting the Brazilian instrumental music, based in the tradition of the choro, samba, bossa nova and jazz, and of course, with space for improvisation and experimentation.