Carlos Walter

Descendant of composers born in Mariana (MG), acoustic guitarist Carlos Walter began his musical studies with teachers Sergio Ramos and Olegario Flag (1992-1994), in Uberaba, later with virtuoso Alvaro Walter and in the refresher course in theory and Music perception by Bohumil Meda t the State Conservatory of Music Frateschi Renato (1997).

During the four editions of the International Guitar Festival of Belo Horizonte (2004-2008) participated in workshops of guitarists Ulisses Rocha, Hélio Delmiro, Toninho Horta, Geraldo Vianna, Juarez Moreira, Chiquito Braga, Marcus Tardelli, Nelson Veras, Celso Moreira, Sebastian Tapajós, Ralph Towner, William Miller, and Lionel Loueke.

Working since 1995 in the main artistic spaces of Triangulo Mineiro, joined the delegation’s music of the First Week of Belo Horizonte in Buenos Aires, with recitals at the Embassy of Brazil, in the Jazz Club Café Notorious, anda t the Cultural Center Carlos Gardel, in 2008. He also participated in the VI Festival de Choro in Paris in 2010 as a performer and teacher aat a workshop.

He participated as a performer and arranger on CDs of various artists from Minas Gerais. Among them are Siricotico (2009), Acir Antony – 60 Years of Song (2008), Gervasio Horta – Friends and Songs V (2007).. He is member of Choro Club of Belo Horizonte, has appeared in several theaters and auditoriums in Belo Horizonte and attended lectures and seminars about Choro, along with exponents of this music segment.