Beto Lopes

Alberto Lopes Cançado was born in Pitangui, Minas Gerais. He began playing ukulele and guitar taught by his mother at five years old. He moved to Belo Horizonte and when He was six, started to follow her older brothers, also musicians, singing at the matinee dances. He learned accordion, mandolin and piano. However, the acoustic and elextric guitars were the instruments that always attracted him. At 18, he began playing professionally and met the musicians who formed the Clube da Esquina. Since 1986, presents as a guitarist alongside Brazilian musicians such as Hermeto Pascoal, Nivaldo Ornelas, Beto Guedes, Lô Borges, Toninho Horta, Tavinho Moura, Milton Nascimento and Fernando Brant, among others.

He was part of the project Invitation Instrumental (1992) of BDMG – Cultural, with saxophonist Idriss Boudrioua as a guest. Participated in the Free Jazz with Tulio Mourão (1990) and accompanying Flávio Venturini (1992). In the Heineken Concerts, played with Lô Borges, Andy Summers, Milton Nascimento and Uakti and joined the U.S. tour with Lô Borges (1996) and was one of four winners of the Prize BDMG III – Instrumental in 2003. Released on vinyl in 1989 the album “A Street”; in 2003, the CD “Mirage” and, in partnership with Wilson Lopes, in 2006, the CD “Our Hands – Tribute to Clube da Esquina.”