Thirty two tyears working in music production, guitarist, arranger and producer, Geraldo Vianna produced nearly two hundred LPs, DVDs and CDs by artists featured in the Brazilian music scene. During this period, he worked with the country’s major music labels, including Sony, Eldorado, Velas, Empowerment and several independent labels. He produced and arranged for artists miners, such as Fernando Brant, Tavinho Moura, Juarez Moreira, Tadeu Franco, Waldir Silva, Renato Andrade, Helena Penna, Paula Fernandes, Pena Branca and Xavantinho, Trio Amaranto, Cadu de Andrade – among others. He also served as music director in shows and produced tracks for video and film.
As an arranger and orchestrator, participated in the musical scores of films: “Amor & Cia” by Helvécio Ratton and “O tronco” of João Batista de Andrade.

Geraldo vianna has performed in several countries in Latin America and Europe playing his compositions and arrangements.

For ten years, he has been ahead of Gvianna Produções Culturais, which produces and records CDs and DVDs. He has carryed out research work and various cultural projects of artistic interest.

Beside you can see some arrangements and productions for important interpreters of Brazilian Popular Music.